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The above video is a sneak preview with my Key Fitness Hawaii boot camps.  I hope you all enjoy it. Please subscribe for more details! 



WBFF Worlds Championships Las Vegas Update

Aug 15-16th was date of the WBFF Worlds Championships held at Las Vegas in The Cosmopolitan. The Men’s Fitness model category had an outstanding 55 gentlemen from all over the world. Happy to say I made the top 10 and placed 9th overall !   =)    I would like to thank all my corporate […]

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Okra, Okra, I love Okra !

Aloha fitness peeps!  I hope all is well at this point in your life.   It has been some time since I blogged about nutrition.  This morning I was making my seafood soup and decided to put this KEY ingredient Okra.  I have to say, this vegetable is one of my favorite.  Why you ask? […]

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Weight Loss Boot Camp

Aloha and welcome to my blogging of Weight Loss Boot Camp.  First of all what is a ” Boot Camp” ?  It’s a series of exercises that incorporates your total body with little to no weights, only bodyweight is being used.  My Weight Loss Boot Camp is for those individuals that want their body to […]

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FLippiN’ Happy…over the Flip Belt by Level Terrain

by WifeyV, PharmD It’s rare for this Chinese, financially savvy woman to get so excited over a fitness product, much less recommend it to my friends.  However, at a recent running expo my husband and I were drawn to a busy booth promoting work out pouches.  Touting to be fashionable, secure, and different from all […]

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Wifey’s Not-so Chilly Chili

Enjoy a tasty but healthy chili recipe!  

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Wifey’s Wisdom #1

“Failure is integral to success!” – Sarah Mahoney Self Magazine Counterintuitive, right?   However, think back on all the great things you have accomplished in life.  I am sure they did not all just fall in your lap and happen miraculously with little to no effort.  No, life would be just plain boring if there were […]

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Stairclimbing vs. all cardio machines

Aloha and I’m glad you are reading this! Have you ever wonder why all the people running on treadmills, doing elliptical machines or riding stationary bikes day in and day out, yet they still look the same or show very little results.  I’m sure everyone that works out have a goal in mind, whether to […]

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Nutri Bullet

      Thoughts on the NutriBullet Sturdy and Durable                                                                                           […]

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Having fun while getting fit.

  My vision for this website and blogging page is to encourage, motivate, and provide a no-nonsense approach to fitness and healthy living.  Having a fun and inter-active approach is the “Key” to inspire and get others to work out and continue the healthy lifestyle.  My promise to you is to provide entertaining videos that […]

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